Friday, September 4, 2009

What do you talk about at dinner?

One evening last week before we took Taylor to school we all had dinner together one last time.  Now, I don’t know about your family, but dinners at our house can bring out the best and worst in dinner conversations.  During dinner I brought up that  our local Steak and Shake in town was being converted to a Taco Cabana.  That in itself is really not newsworthy.  What is newsworthy is that within the city limits of Lake Worthless we probably have no less than 8-10 Mexican restaurants.  People,  we are only talking about a 2-3 mile drag of rodeway.

Well, of course the kids were in disbelief that there could be so many Mexican restaurants so we began naming them:  Mexican Inn, Taco Cabana, Taco Bell, Rosas, El Paseo, Dos Pericos, Taco Casa, and then I said it Areola’s. Which is what I have always called Arizola’s Mexican Restaurant.  It just slipped out.  (As you probably have guessed I can be somewhat of a loose canon at times.)  I have never called this restaurant by the correct name.  John just shook his head.  Maybe the kids hadn’t heard.  We’ll just keep eatin like nothin happened.  More chicken anyone??  But, oh no!!!

Taylor busts out laughin.

And here comes Austin (16), “What did you say?”.  “No, really I didn’t hear you.”

Cole (14), “She said Areola.”

Austin, “What is an Areola anyway?”

Taylor (18) is laughing hysterically.

John is still shaking his head.

John Wyatt (6) is now chanting Areola, Areola, Areola.

John is just staring at me from across the table.

We are all refusing to define Areola for Austin, because at our house we have always insisted on using the proper words:  Nurple, Front Bottom , Back Bottom, etc.  So now Austin is googling the definition on his phone.

Austin, “How do you spell Areola?”

John looking at me as if to say,” are you the mother or another teenager I’m raising”.

At this point Cole says, “I’ve never known.  Is the Areola just the knob or the whole stereo?”.  Oh boy,  I am pretty sure that I have broccoli coming out of my nose by now.

And all the while John Wyatt is still chanting Areola, Areola, Areola, only now Audrey (6) has decided to join him.

Taylor is on the floor laughing hysterically.
John says, “You know they are going to teach this to all the other first graders don’t you?”

Austin, “My phone doesn’t even have this definition!”

I don’t think Austin ever got the definition of Areola!

Just to clear things up…wikipedia says the Areola is used to describe any circular area such as the colored skin surrounding the nipple.
One Crazy Mama


Rachel said...

oh my goodness... that has to be one of the funniest things ever!! I freaking LOVE your family

Laurie Gist said...

This so makes me miss you guys!!! Hilarious.