Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Concert!!

Last night we took the twins and some friends to see Taylor Swift  concert.  My first concert was also at age 6, but it was to see Rod Stewart!  I'm sure the crowd was a little different if you know what I mean!  We bought the tickets a couple of months ago, and let me tell you I don't know what the secret is to getting good seats at a concert is but we obviously didn't have the "good juju" on our side the morning the tickets went on sale.  My girlfriend Shanna, aka Flossie, and I got on our computers in separate houses no less than an hour before the tickets went on sale for some Holy Grail Pre Sale for these tickets.  We then sat there and hit refresh until I thought my finger was going to rot off!  And can you believe it... the minute 10:am hit we were already on the upper flippin deck!  All right people what is up with that!!  Unbelievable!!  Do you remember when concert tickets were $25.00?  Do you remember when you could get seats on the floor?  Do you remember Jordache jeans?  Oh nevermind!! 

We rode the train from Ft. Worth to Dallas.
Aren't they cute all matchin and bedazzlin!!!

A little pre-concert show for our fans!!

Everytime we said get together for a picture J. W. hit the ground.  Too funny!!

Thank goodness for zoom lenses!  I felt like I was right there!  Hi Taylor!  It's me Amy your #1 fan!!!

She left the mondo stage at the front and came to the back to perform a few songs, and then when she was finished she walked through the mob of fans the entire way back to the front!  Hugging people the entire way!  Pretty cool!  And she doesn't sweat!  What is up with that?  That is a trait I would pay big money for!!!

                                Do they look awe struck or what!  What a great evening!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Christmas in September? I don't think so!!!

I don't know what it is about the start of school, but that signals the start of Fall for me.
Never mind that in Texas it can still be 95 or higher!  I am done with shorts, done with swimming, and I am ready for fall color!  Which speaking of fall color the only way you are going to get fall color in Texas is to do it yourself Sista, because around here we don't have the beautiful turning of the leaves.  Oh no, around here our seasons consist of hot, hotter, hotter than hell, and a couple of days of ice to throw everyone off.  

 Anyway,  the first day of school with the kids out the door I potted plants and put the wreath on the front door.  I even brought out the fall centerpiece for the dining room table.

 Well, a couple of days later I happen to be in H@bby L@bby.  (I've only been there a time or two before. Wink!!)  And, would you believe they have their blasted Christmas Trees and Nativity Scenes all over the dadgum store!  What in the world!!!  It is 104 outside and they are spraying fake snow on artificial Christmas Trees with Jingle Bells playing in the background!  Did I miss the memo that we were skipping one of my personal favorite days of the year to decorate for : Halloween!  This means War!!  I  ran home immediately and drug out every piece of Halloween decor that I could find!  I put spiders and bat on everything that would sit still.  
And, if you haven't been to Mich@el's and caught a glimpse of the Martha goodies...get there!!!  So stinkin cute!!!  The spider clings on my china are from that collection, and I think they look fabo!!!  I didn't buy a thing at that other store because, duh I didn't need any fake snow in September!!!

I still have 5 weeks to go...Look out!!

Does this make you wanna pull your hair out too!!!  Let me know!!!!
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One Crazy Mama

P.S.  Ladies in Hooterville if you want to make the fabo painted jars give me a call and we can play one day!!! 

Spiders on China so creepy!!!!

 Witchy Poo is one of my absolute favs!!!  These jars were so fun to do!!  Love 'em!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Have you Ben? To Ben Wheeler, Texas that is...

Pack your bags it's time for a road trip!  We're headed East to the town of Ben Wheeler, Texas.  What do you mean you've never heard of it?  Well, I'm not totally surprised because until  a year or two ago this sweet little town was just sleepin in the dust.  That is until my dad retired!  You'll soon see that the word retired does not apply at all.  He and his wife Rese moved to East Texas several years ago, and he quickly figured out that he needed a hobby.  Some people whittle, some people play golf...not my dad!  The town of Ben Wheeler became his hobby!  He started the Ben Wheeler Development Co., and quickly began to rejuvenate the town.  (Ben Wheeler is about an hour East of Dallas between Canton and Edom.)
Labor Day weekend the doors to Moore Store Restaurant opened!!!  Moore Store was the original Mercantile in Ben Wheeler dating back to 1933.  The place was packed, the band played, and a great time was had by all!!  The food was absolutely delicious!  Pot Roast Sandwich with Grilled Onions and Horseradish, Blue Cheese Burgers, Veggie Wrap w/ Red Pepper Hummus, and the menu goes on and on.  And of course whatever cold beverage you could think of.  Oh my gosh!  I tried everything and it was all to die for!!  The restaurant is open for lunch Tues.-Sun., and dinner Thurs.-Sun.  They will also have live music on the weekends!!
Stop by The Flying Fish and you are sure to find something for yourself and a gift for everyone on your list.  From altered art, metal sculptures, to beautifully scented candles you name it they've got it all.
Also, Renowned custom knife artist, Dan Harrison opened the doors to his new shop in downtown Ben Wheeler Memorial Day weekend. Visit Dan and see his beautiful works!
In the next six weeks The Forge restaurant will open.  It is going be totally cool!  If you are looking for me that's where I'll be.  It is inspired by an antique blacksmith's Forge.  It will have the atmosphere of a rustic bistro, which will serve oven-baked pizzas, sandwiches and fine Texas cheeses.  And, of course plenty of wine.
The weekend of October 23 and 24 Ben Wheeler will host the Feral Hog Festival.  If you have ever had a desire to get HOG WILD this is your chance!!!  On Friday night they will host the Feral Hog Follies, Pageant & Wild Hog Ball.  They will actually crown the 2009 Hog Queen!  What a hoot!!  On Saturday the Hog Parade will begin at 10:am followed by live music, games, contests, and concessions.  And, at noon they will have the World Championship and Texas State Wild Hog Cook-Off competition and judging.

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One Crazy Mama

Friday, September 4, 2009

I woke up a few mornings ago with the best of intentions.  I was going to mow, weedeat, you name it
chores galore.  But on the way out the door I passed the crafty crap closet and I
got a little side tracked.  Does that ever happen to you?  Anyway...I decided to
to play instead of work.  And these are the little treasures that I came up with.  They are totally Cowgirl Chic and just a tad on the gaudy side which is just how I like things.  Let me know what you think!!

Hey, what do you think of the new site?  Let me know!  Leave a's not nice to ring and run!!
One Crazy Mama!!

Baby Shower Goodies

Last week a few of “The Hens” and I threw a baby shower for a fabulous Hen friend who is expecting her fifth baby (and has yet to put on a stitch of maternity clothes). Now….expecting the fifth baby is not the exciting part (Girl, I have five, so that doesn’t even ruffle my feathers!!!! ) The exciting part is that this will be Erin’s first boy, and she is absolutely beside herself!!
She has four of the most beautiful girls you have ever met.  And,  are you sitting down?  She homeschools !!  Oh my gosh she puts me to shame.  I can’t even imagine.  Not me honey….kids get your backpack we’re gonna be late!!!
Anyway,  I digress….  This baby boy will be lucky if his feet ever touch the ground. Spoiled is not the word!! Anyway…I just thought I would give you a peek at some of the goodies I put together for the baby shower. Enjoy!!
(I’m so excited that there will be a new baby in the “hood” to snuggle on that I can hardly wait!!  Don’tcha just love the smell of a tiny baby, tiny ears, tiny toes, tiny nose, ……..)

Baby Shower PIcs

Ok…For whatever reason…user error…call it what you want.  I could not get these pics to upload to the previous entry about the “fabo” Hen Baby Shower that we held for Erin.  Who you can now see in the picture above.  Ok, take a minute to scan the lovely ladies.  Can you guess which one is pregnant????  Give up???  No, this is not a joke.  The beautiful lady in green is like 7+ months prego with baby number 5.  I know SHUT UP!!  It ticks me off too.

Ok, I was pregnant with twins for numbers 4 and 5 but I still shopped at Academy in the tent section for the third trimester.  Life is just not fair, and we are obviously not all created equal.  Can I get an Amen Sista!!  Anyway, these are just a few of my sweet Hen friends that live in Hooterville with me.  As we go along I will introduce you to all them.  In this pic left to right:  Mandy, Erin, Lynn, Me, and Vanessa.  There are 12 of us Hens in all, and if I did the math correctly we have 34 kids between us.  Soon to be 35.  Stay tuned…..

I must confess...

My sweet neighbor Robin who lives next door made the mistake of baking us a chocolate cake yesterday.  Normally this is not a mistake, but this time her husband delivered it after we had eaten dinner, and after all of the kids had gone to their rooms for the evening.  As he handed me the cake he said, “the icing is phenomenal”.   “Hmmm” I thought as I carried the cake plate into the house.  How good can it be?  I make icing all the time?  Is it better than mine?

Well, not a sole was around.  So, of course I lifted the lid and took one tiny finger swipe from the bottom of the cake.  Oh my!   Chocolatey, rich, creamy.  Yum!  Maybe I’ll have one more, but that’s all.  Oh, just one more what’s it gonna hurt.  Who’s gonna know?  No one even knows the cake is in the house for goodness sake.  That was it; two swipes I promise.

This morning the twins spotted the cake, and being the good mother that I am I told them I would send them some in their lunch.  Well,  there it was again that velvety smooth icing staring me in the face.  So, ya  guessed it I sampled it one more time.  How would it taste with coffee?   Maybe I’ll have just a spoon full as my breakfast with my coffee.  I am going to the Y after all.  I’ll burn it off in no time.

I went to the Y and repented.  Sweated off the icing and totally forgot about the whole incident.  Came home took care of my laundry, planted plants, and ate lunch.  But the cake just kept sittin there.  Now keep in mind we’re not talking about a triple decker layer cake with all the trimmings.  This is just a single layer plain chocolate cake with some icing on it.  But, I’ve got to tell ya the icing got the best of me.  Because every time I passed that blasted cake I took one more swipe of icing, and before the day was over it looked like a bunch of Mole Rats had been through my kitchen.

It did occur to me on more than one occasion that my kids were going to hit the door asking for a snack.  And, I knew that the first thing that they were going to ask for was that chocolate cake. What was I going to do?  I could throw it away!  I could say the dog ate it!  And then it hit me!  Aha!

I could re-ice the cake.  Brilliant!!   I think it looks lovely!  I don’t think they’ll ever be the wiser!!  Shhhh!!!
Whew!  I feel so much better after telling ya’ll about this incident!  Thanks for listening!!
One Crazy Mama

What do you talk about at dinner?

One evening last week before we took Taylor to school we all had dinner together one last time.  Now, I don’t know about your family, but dinners at our house can bring out the best and worst in dinner conversations.  During dinner I brought up that  our local Steak and Shake in town was being converted to a Taco Cabana.  That in itself is really not newsworthy.  What is newsworthy is that within the city limits of Lake Worthless we probably have no less than 8-10 Mexican restaurants.  People,  we are only talking about a 2-3 mile drag of rodeway.

Well, of course the kids were in disbelief that there could be so many Mexican restaurants so we began naming them:  Mexican Inn, Taco Cabana, Taco Bell, Rosas, El Paseo, Dos Pericos, Taco Casa, and then I said it Areola’s. Which is what I have always called Arizola’s Mexican Restaurant.  It just slipped out.  (As you probably have guessed I can be somewhat of a loose canon at times.)  I have never called this restaurant by the correct name.  John just shook his head.  Maybe the kids hadn’t heard.  We’ll just keep eatin like nothin happened.  More chicken anyone??  But, oh no!!!

Taylor busts out laughin.

And here comes Austin (16), “What did you say?”.  “No, really I didn’t hear you.”

Cole (14), “She said Areola.”

Austin, “What is an Areola anyway?”

Taylor (18) is laughing hysterically.

John is still shaking his head.

John Wyatt (6) is now chanting Areola, Areola, Areola.

John is just staring at me from across the table.

We are all refusing to define Areola for Austin, because at our house we have always insisted on using the proper words:  Nurple, Front Bottom , Back Bottom, etc.  So now Austin is googling the definition on his phone.

Austin, “How do you spell Areola?”

John looking at me as if to say,” are you the mother or another teenager I’m raising”.

At this point Cole says, “I’ve never known.  Is the Areola just the knob or the whole stereo?”.  Oh boy,  I am pretty sure that I have broccoli coming out of my nose by now.

And all the while John Wyatt is still chanting Areola, Areola, Areola, only now Audrey (6) has decided to join him.

Taylor is on the floor laughing hysterically.
John says, “You know they are going to teach this to all the other first graders don’t you?”

Austin, “My phone doesn’t even have this definition!”

I don’t think Austin ever got the definition of Areola!

Just to clear things up…wikipedia says the Areola is used to describe any circular area such as the colored skin surrounding the nipple.
One Crazy Mama