Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Shower Goodies

Last week a few of “The Hens” and I threw a baby shower for a fabulous Hen friend who is expecting her fifth baby (and has yet to put on a stitch of maternity clothes). Now….expecting the fifth baby is not the exciting part (Girl, I have five, so that doesn’t even ruffle my feathers!!!! ) The exciting part is that this will be Erin’s first boy, and she is absolutely beside herself!!
She has four of the most beautiful girls you have ever met.  And,  are you sitting down?  She homeschools !!  Oh my gosh she puts me to shame.  I can’t even imagine.  Not me honey….kids get your backpack we’re gonna be late!!!
Anyway,  I digress….  This baby boy will be lucky if his feet ever touch the ground. Spoiled is not the word!! Anyway…I just thought I would give you a peek at some of the goodies I put together for the baby shower. Enjoy!!
(I’m so excited that there will be a new baby in the “hood” to snuggle on that I can hardly wait!!  Don’tcha just love the smell of a tiny baby, tiny ears, tiny toes, tiny nose, ……..)


Miranda said...

These are so cute!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest (a day late!)

klynch said...

SO very cool the 5 th is a boy but my gosh 5!! i HAVE MY HANDS FULL WITH 2!! LOL I would not know what to do!! the favors look sooo cute!! and not sure what is on the onsie but the pic is cute too!

Claire said...

Lovely details! Great job =)