Monday, May 17, 2010


Fondant!!  It's like Playdoh for grown-ups...
and I gotta say I'm officially addicted!!!

For sometime I have been ogling all of the cakes on TV and the internet.  You know the ones...Ace of Cakes, CakeBoss, Etc...  But, I was afraid of the stuff.

Not anymore!!!  It all started with sweet Ashley who was in the hospital.  I couldn't decide what to make her so out came the fondant, and this is what I came up with...
She loves lizards, bugs, and all things outdoors.  Pretty cute!!

The cupcake toppers are too fun!!

This was for a little girl named Journee.
I love how bright and fun this turned out.
John's birthday of course!
 The twins cake for at home with just us!

My favorite so far...for the twins 7th birthday!
 I just did this one yesterday for a bunch of "cute as can be girls" who aced their
way all the way to the championship in volleyball.  Way to go Purple Thunder!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Eggs

Eggstravagant Easter Eggs

Because you like me need another project...

But wait... stop... don't pass this one up these eggs are stinkin cute, and super easy!!!
 Get your gear together:  Eggs of all sizes.  The plastic ones like you find at the "super" stores and "craft" stores.  (This purple egg was came with two smaller eggs inside!  Score!!) Paint brushes.  Hot glue gun of course.   Buckets or boxes for the sand.  Colored sand.  Glittered sand.  Modge podge.  Ribbon.  Stickers.  Doodads for your toppers...little chicks, flowers, grass, etc.  Tea cups to display your eggs.

(I forgot to take pictures along the way...I hope this makes since!)

1.  Coat the spot on the egg where you are going to put the sticker with modge podge, and slap the sticker on the spot.  Then cover the the top of the sticker with modge podge.  Set this aside and let it dry.

2.  Then pour the sand and glitter sand mixture you are going to use to cover your egg in a box or plastic tub (I like to do this outside if we are not having tornadic breezes on the hill because it can be messy).  Once your sticker area is dry put a thin layer of modge podge all over the rest of your egg leaving an oval around your sticker area.  You don't want the sand to cover up your sticker.  Then hold your egg over your container and using your hand cover your egg with the sand mixture.  Tap off any excess.

3.  Sit your egg on a coffee cup or other item to keep it stable so you can work on the topper.  Hot glue ribbon up both sides of your egg and add a bow at the top.  Then I usually start with Easter grass and hot glue it to the top for a nest.  Then I just add little chicks or flowers to fill it in. Voila!!

Tell your friends that they took hours to make and they will be very impressed with your artistic abilities!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rubber Ducky Cake Balls

Rubber Ducky Cake Balls
A friend at school said, "I need some cake balls for my granddaughter for Valentine's Day."  No prob!  I'm thinking red and pink chocolate hearts...ya know, Valentine's Day.  Then she said, "Her favorite things in the world are the like the yellow rubber ducky that's what I want!"  And with that she turned around and walked away.  Hmmm....Rubber Ducky Cake Balls...


If you can think it...I can bake it...Quack! Quack!

Stay Warm!!  One Crazy Mama

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Cake Balls

Happy Valentine' Day!!!

Snow Day

Snow Day!!!

If you haven't heard the entire DFW metroplex has been blanketed with biggest amount of snow in the history of the world or Channel 5...depending on how you look at it!  At our house we measured 10 inches...12.5 inches at DFW airport.  That's impressive!!  And, we have done nothing but play, have snowball fights, sled, shovel the driveway (totally overrated in my opinion), drink hot cocoa, and do laundry (another highly overrated chore in my book)!!!!  We got to skip school on Friday, and since we don't have school on Monday...thankyou very much to the Presidents we are left with a fabulous 4 day weekend.  Which I think would make society a happier place if all weekends were 4 days!  Just tellin it like it is!!
Here are a few pics of our Winter Wonderland!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cake Balls Baby!!

Cake Balls Baby

Dallas Cowboy be exact

Have you made cake balls yet??  Have you eaten a cake ball yet??  Well, if the answer to either question is NO we need to talk.  
#1.  They are delish.  
#2.  They are just about the cutest darn baked good around.
After discovering them on (get there fast) about a year ago I have been completely smitten with these little delights.  You can make them in any shape that you can dream up...more on that to come.
This week a friend asked me to make them in the shape of the Dallas Cowboy's Football Helmets, and I just couldn't wait to show you how they turned out...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ferdinand...The Bull

After the Christmas mayhem died down we took a walk to feed the horses, Pinecone and Oreo, who live at Arc Ridge.  They have grown quite accustomed to whoever is staying at the ranch...whether it be us or my aunt showing up with a bag of apples every time we visit.

Audrey adores the horses and would love one of her own of course.  (Not gonna happen!!)

As, you can of these things is not like the others!!

Can I get you a snack??

Gross!!  We have named the bull Ferdinand of course.  He is actually one of four in this corral with the horses.  We have named all four of the bulls Ferdinand...of course.

After the the slobberfest we took a long walk, and I actually got all five of my kiddos together...smiling!  I just love it!!!  Makes mama smile!!

Happy Holidays!!! 
One Crazy Mama

Monday, December 21, 2009

We Can Make That!!!

We CaN MaKe THaT!

Girl, if I had a dollar for every time I said that... I would be OnE RiCh MaMA!!  Oh come on,  You know exactly what I'm talking about!  Your out shopping with the girls and they start going on and on about how cute some one of a kind "Blinged out Crafty Craft Treasure" thing is, and then it happens:  They just have to have it, and you look at the price and before you can stop yourself out of your mouth comes these words: 
"Have you lost your flippin mind?!! You wanna pay how much for that?  
Girl, We can make that!!" 

(Now,  I am not knockin the "Blinged out Crafty Craft Treasure" items so don't be hatin.  I myself LOVE these items, and often fill a lot of my sleepless nights partakin in this indulgence.  Infact I tend to get a little wacked out and crazed if I haven't hot glued my fingers together in a while if you know what I mean.)

Anywho, I happened to open my mouth recently on our ladies weekend in Canton.  Now, I didn't count how many times I said it, but I think a fair estimation is 4, 362.  One particular item that caught our fancy were these blinged out guitars.  Have you seen them?  Stinkin cute!!!   You take old guitars gaudy 'em up and throw them on the wall.  There you have it!  ART!!!  Totally cute for a little girl's room.  Well, Lynn and Erin came over last week to bling out our guitars as Christmas gifts for our girls because:
Girl, We CaN MaKe THaT!!
Stinkin Cute!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Tis the season to decorate, and it is beginning to look a whole lot like Christmas around our house!  Come on in and have a look around....

 There's Santa and Elfie keepin' a close eye on everyone.  Now, I'm not gonna name any names but some piles of presents may be dwindling as we speak if you know what I mean!  Uh huh!

As you can tell I have gone for a "more is more" approach this year.   Girl, if only those presents were real...I would be done.  Guess I better quit decorating and start shoppin!!!

My grandmother made this stocking for me when I was a little girl, and it is one of my most treasured possessions.

I would love to see how you decorate for the holidays.  Send me a link to your blog so I can check out your digs.  Kind of like a home style.