Friday, September 4, 2009

I must confess...

My sweet neighbor Robin who lives next door made the mistake of baking us a chocolate cake yesterday.  Normally this is not a mistake, but this time her husband delivered it after we had eaten dinner, and after all of the kids had gone to their rooms for the evening.  As he handed me the cake he said, “the icing is phenomenal”.   “Hmmm” I thought as I carried the cake plate into the house.  How good can it be?  I make icing all the time?  Is it better than mine?

Well, not a sole was around.  So, of course I lifted the lid and took one tiny finger swipe from the bottom of the cake.  Oh my!   Chocolatey, rich, creamy.  Yum!  Maybe I’ll have one more, but that’s all.  Oh, just one more what’s it gonna hurt.  Who’s gonna know?  No one even knows the cake is in the house for goodness sake.  That was it; two swipes I promise.

This morning the twins spotted the cake, and being the good mother that I am I told them I would send them some in their lunch.  Well,  there it was again that velvety smooth icing staring me in the face.  So, ya  guessed it I sampled it one more time.  How would it taste with coffee?   Maybe I’ll have just a spoon full as my breakfast with my coffee.  I am going to the Y after all.  I’ll burn it off in no time.

I went to the Y and repented.  Sweated off the icing and totally forgot about the whole incident.  Came home took care of my laundry, planted plants, and ate lunch.  But the cake just kept sittin there.  Now keep in mind we’re not talking about a triple decker layer cake with all the trimmings.  This is just a single layer plain chocolate cake with some icing on it.  But, I’ve got to tell ya the icing got the best of me.  Because every time I passed that blasted cake I took one more swipe of icing, and before the day was over it looked like a bunch of Mole Rats had been through my kitchen.

It did occur to me on more than one occasion that my kids were going to hit the door asking for a snack.  And, I knew that the first thing that they were going to ask for was that chocolate cake. What was I going to do?  I could throw it away!  I could say the dog ate it!  And then it hit me!  Aha!

I could re-ice the cake.  Brilliant!!   I think it looks lovely!  I don’t think they’ll ever be the wiser!!  Shhhh!!!
Whew!  I feel so much better after telling ya’ll about this incident!  Thanks for listening!!
One Crazy Mama

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