Monday, October 26, 2009

Hog Fest 09...SoooWeet!!!

SoooWeet!!  Feral Hog Festival 09...Ben Wheeler, Tx.

Well,  if you didn't take my advice in my previous post about Ben Wheeler, Tx. boy did you miss out!  First of all you missed out on this!

Audrey and I are all Pinked out for the crowning of the Hog Queen at the Feral Hog Festival!!  I know, I know kind of don't be can get those tights at Target but, the dress darlin is my very own Prom Dress!!  Can you believe it??  SoooWeet!!!

This weekend was Ben Wheeler's 2nd annual Feral Hog Festival!  Did you know that they are the Feral Hog capital of Texas?  I don't know if I would be braggin about that!  Hmmm?  Anywho....
Friday night they kicked off the festivities with the the crowning of the Feral Hog Queen at Moore's Store Restaurant!  That place was packed!  The theme for this years Feral Hog Festival was Born To Be Wild!  And let me tell ya, judging from the pictures people took it to heart!!!  SoooWeet!!  There were people dancin, pigs squealin, everyone was goin hog wild!!! It was standin room only!!!

Each contestant competed in the talent portion of the contest, and let me tell you it was a tough choice for the judges.

These were the lovely contestants.  "Shakespiglet" in the black slacks recited "Ham-lish".  The "Tutued Piglet" sang a nursery rhyme.  The "Biker Piglet" sang a self composed song.  "Blue Jean Piglet" sang All I Want To Do by SugarLand.  "Teal Piglet" sang Amazing Grace.  "Miss Piglet" sang Crazy by Patsy Cline.
It was a tough choice but ultimately Miss Piglet was crowned Queen!

That's my dad!  Brooks Gremmels...Born To Be Wild!!!

The dancin' and  squealin' went on all evening!!!  Looks like Audrey has had enough!!  (No, those are not ALL hers!!)

The Feral Hog Festival and Hog Cook Off started Saturday with a parade through Ben Wheeler.

This little girl wrestled this piglet for a good half hour, but as you can see she finally took it down!!  Too cute!!

The Feral Hog Cook Off got started early Saturday morning, and I hear the judging was fierce!  The winning team went home with a beautiful a handmade knife, and a check for $800.00!!  SoooWeet!!

They had contests for the kids as well.  Pig chasing...or is it pig wrestling?  I don't know.  Anyway, they turned this pig loose in the pen with a group of the kids, and the kids had to retrieve the rope that was attached to the pig!  Too much watch!!

How about putting a Tutu on a pig?

 This is how my children wrestle pigs!!  Go John Wyatt!!

Nice tail! (I especially like how Richard is checkin it out!!)

We had the best time! And I gotta tella ya...after the corn dog, funnel cake, homemade ice cream, turkey legs, and snow cones I was feelin a little like the Hog Queen myself!