Monday, May 17, 2010


Fondant!!  It's like Playdoh for grown-ups...
and I gotta say I'm officially addicted!!!

For sometime I have been ogling all of the cakes on TV and the internet.  You know the ones...Ace of Cakes, CakeBoss, Etc...  But, I was afraid of the stuff.

Not anymore!!!  It all started with sweet Ashley who was in the hospital.  I couldn't decide what to make her so out came the fondant, and this is what I came up with...
She loves lizards, bugs, and all things outdoors.  Pretty cute!!

The cupcake toppers are too fun!!

This was for a little girl named Journee.
I love how bright and fun this turned out.
John's birthday of course!
 The twins cake for at home with just us!

My favorite so far...for the twins 7th birthday!
 I just did this one yesterday for a bunch of "cute as can be girls" who aced their
way all the way to the championship in volleyball.  Way to go Purple Thunder!!