Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Concert!!

Last night we took the twins and some friends to see Taylor Swift  concert.  My first concert was also at age 6, but it was to see Rod Stewart!  I'm sure the crowd was a little different if you know what I mean!  We bought the tickets a couple of months ago, and let me tell you I don't know what the secret is to getting good seats at a concert is but we obviously didn't have the "good juju" on our side the morning the tickets went on sale.  My girlfriend Shanna, aka Flossie, and I got on our computers in separate houses no less than an hour before the tickets went on sale for some Holy Grail Pre Sale for these tickets.  We then sat there and hit refresh until I thought my finger was going to rot off!  And can you believe it... the minute 10:am hit we were already on the upper flippin deck!  All right people what is up with that!!  Unbelievable!!  Do you remember when concert tickets were $25.00?  Do you remember when you could get seats on the floor?  Do you remember Jordache jeans?  Oh nevermind!! 

We rode the train from Ft. Worth to Dallas.
Aren't they cute all matchin and bedazzlin!!!

A little pre-concert show for our fans!!

Everytime we said get together for a picture J. W. hit the ground.  Too funny!!

Thank goodness for zoom lenses!  I felt like I was right there!  Hi Taylor!  It's me Amy your #1 fan!!!

She left the mondo stage at the front and came to the back to perform a few songs, and then when she was finished she walked through the mob of fans the entire way back to the front!  Hugging people the entire way!  Pretty cool!  And she doesn't sweat!  What is up with that?  That is a trait I would pay big money for!!!

                                Do they look awe struck or what!  What a great evening!!!


Becky H said...

what a fun evening. I love Taylor Swift. I think she should marry my Austin.

paperjunk-lc said...

JW looks like he is right at home with his little girl posse! Grace was asking about y'all the other day and then I told about the twins going to see TS and she was green with envy.