Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pioneer Woman in Big D!!!

Three Blondies and The Pioneer Woman

Tuesday night I left Hooterville in the freezing cold rain to meet two of My Girls, Becky and Lucinda, in Dallas for the signing of The Pioneer Woman's cookbook and dinner afterwards.  What a great evening; girlfriends, dinner in Dallas, and The Pioneer Woman...I could hardly wait!!!  Becky, Lucinda, and Tony (Lucinda's sweet husband) snagged us the coveted GOLD arm bands that morning which got us into the first signing of the evening!!!  Sweet!!

It only took us about an hour to get to the front of the line, and there she was.  Sweet as ever!!    I would have been nervous as heck...I read one report that there were approximately 800 people there!  Hard to believe!!  She chatted calmly and would sign as many books as you handed her...I had 5.  Not all for me...for friends around the hood!  Her girls were signing books as well and passing out T-Shirts.  I still can't believe how well mannered they were.  Just beautiful!  Lord, my kids would have been swinging from the chandeliers like monkeys at the zoo!  I would've had to slip them a little benedryl before the book signing if you know what I mean (wink! wink!)!

 I read one blog that said they left the book signing at 1:30am.  I am so grateful for our GOLD armbands!!! If we had waited until 1:30am I'm afraid Becky might have looked like this


paperjunk-lc said...

This is same look Becky has when we tell her there is no more Yard o Beef! haha
What a great time.
Happy Birthday Amy Ann Blake.

glimpse of my world said...

oh what a great photo... i wanted to stand behind her like that and the worker bee made me stand in front and well... you know the rest the photo was NOT good.. so glad to meet you... please stop back by and see me... smiles.. (and come to mckinney with lucinda i'll show ya the town!)

Becky H said...

was that picture really necessary? next time you tell me no yard-o-beef I will have my poker face on.