Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ferdinand...The Bull

After the Christmas mayhem died down we took a walk to feed the horses, Pinecone and Oreo, who live at Arc Ridge.  They have grown quite accustomed to whoever is staying at the ranch...whether it be us or my aunt showing up with a bag of apples every time we visit.

Audrey adores the horses and would love one of her own of course.  (Not gonna happen!!)

As, you can of these things is not like the others!!

Can I get you a snack??

Gross!!  We have named the bull Ferdinand of course.  He is actually one of four in this corral with the horses.  We have named all four of the bulls Ferdinand...of course.

After the the slobberfest we took a long walk, and I actually got all five of my kiddos together...smiling!  I just love it!!!  Makes mama smile!!

Happy Holidays!!! 
One Crazy Mama

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paperjunk-lc said...

You know the highlight of your trip was Sunday when you met the Queen at the Palace...the Dairy Palace that is!